Endy XR-3 RVS Compleet Uitlaatsysteem met E-keur Yamaha Tracer 700 2015 > 2020

Artikelnr: YH-9054/H-X
  • Compleet Systeem incl. Voorbocht en Einddemper (zonder Carbon heatshield op de einddemper)
  • Incl. uitneembare dB-killer
  • Alle benodigde onderdelen en bevestigingsmaterialen worden meegeleverd voor een juiste montage
  • E-keur: Ja
  • Om te voldoen aan de wettelijke emissie eisen adviseren wij om een optionele vervangings katalysator KAT-MOTO mee te bestellen. Deze vervangt de originele katalysator. Katalysator KAT-MOTO voor Endy motoruitlaten is hieronder eenvoudig mee te bestellen via "Aanbevolen Artikelen".


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- This range is made entirely of stainless steel AISI-304, with a polished finish.

- Internally, it is designed to significantly improve the performance of the bike, the maximum power is at a lower speed, so we get a lot more acceleration of the engine at the time of departure. All the silencer interior is protected by fiberglass high strength at 1500 °.

- Sound is another aspect that improves with this exhaust system, giving a deeper sound. System has db killer (sound plug) or fixed.

- The removable db killer offers the possibility of having a type exhaust system as standard, or, if removed, we note that the performance of the bike and the sound is better. The fastening system is simply db killer with 1 screw.

- The tranches of collectors are designed specifically for each bike model. This design is made to be mounted to the original manifold (except models listed full line), this guarantee the best performance of the power curve of each bike model. The quality of these collectors are made of AISI-304 stainless steel with a polished finish.

- The approximate weight of this product are 2.7 kg.

- This range includes exhaust with European approval (97/24/EC of 17 June 1997).

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Endy XR-3 RVS Compleet Uitlaatsysteem met E-keur Yamaha Tracer 700 2015 > 2020

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