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Sprint High Performance Luchtfilter PM108S

Artikelnr: PM108S
Sprint Filter

Geschikt voor volgende modellen:



- Dorsoduro 750 2008-2017

- Shiver 750 2007-2017


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The common performances airfilter is composed of cotton yarn very large, the polyester air filter instead consists of much smaller yarns and calibrated. Thanks to this type of construction the polyester fabric allows a better filtration combined with a good air permeability, as shown by tests performed. It is necessary say that as regards the cotton fabric results obtained were not constant, this is due to the weak structure and mobile of cotton gauze, the following data are, however, best obtained. With respect to the polyester fabric data have remained constant and precise.


The diagram shows the air permeability of fabrics in 20mm H2O, the values ​​obtained with the polyester are higher than those obtained with the cotton: 5.050 l/m2 s  against 4.200 l/m2 s  of cotton.


The diagram shows the filtration efficiency of the two fabrics, it must be said, however, that the test was carried out in water and not in the air, all to the advantage of the cotton, whose fibers swell have allowed for better filtration efficiency, however, the polyester has obtained the best results, holding 93.13% of the particles of 100 microns against the 76.42% of the particles of 100 microns retained by the cotton.


Sprint Filter creates over 50 years innovative products made ​​with the most sophisticated and technologically advanced materials: from aluminum, steel, and then move on to materials in polyurethane foams and compact disks to get to plastics all kinds of fine carbon and kevlar. The entire process of manufacturing our products is done internally with sophisticated equipment design and production: designed with advanced three-dimensional cad-cam our filters and extraction systems are built using molds developed with numerical control machines and realizzatiinfine with modern machinery for molding plastics and dispensing of polyurethane.

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